Church Staff

Pastoral support – Rev. Kent Schnegelberger, Rev. George Hesse

Director of Christian Education – Angela Erickson

Officers of the Congregation

President – Michael Thuener
Vice President – Bob Thorgeson
Secretary – Brenda Schmidt
Treasurer – Cheri Carsten (acting treasurer)

SWOT Goals and Board Assignments

Constitution and By-Laws

Boards of Congregational Ministries

The Board of Elders and Spiritual Ministries

The nature and duties of the board of elders and spiritual ministries consists of six distinct areas: the pastoral, the social, worship, evangelism, missions, and fellowship ministries.

The Board of Financial and Stewardship Ministries

The nature and duties of the board of financial and stewardship ministries is to oversee all aspects of the management of the financial resources of the congregation as well as the overall stewardship of its members.

The Board of Property Ministries

The nature and duties of the board of property ministries is to maintain and manage all of the congregation’s physical property and equipment.

The Board of Education Ministries

The nature and duties of the board of education ministries consists of all ministries that are primarily educational in nature, such as the Christian day school, Sunday school, Vacation Bible School,catechism, and youth.

Executive Council

The purpose of this congregation is to proclaim the Gospel of our Savior, Jesus Christ, in accordance with the confessional standard of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod, and to promote Christian fellowship and love. This corporate body may receive, acquire, hold title to, and manage such real estate and other property or any part thereof; and this corporate body shall have all the rights and powers that are granted by the laws of the State of Colorado to religious corporations. The executive council shall have the power to set those policies and procedures as required to fulfill this purpose.