Bible Study

(Anyone is welcome to attend any of these studies)

Sunday Mornings from 9:20 to 10:20 am

  • Pastor Hesse: Currently studying the Revelation of John (This class meets in the large middle classroom in the church basement.)
  • Pastor Schnegelberger:   Studies change every few weeks, often in the “shorter” books of the scriptures.  (This class meets in the sanctuary overflow area.)
  • Larry Whitney: This class is studying other Christian denominations.  (This class meets in the classroom closest to the stairs, in the church basement.)

Wednesday at 7:00 pm   (To join us, call Alt 371-1465)

  • Arne Burron & Al Fischer: Outreach Bible Study (This class meets in the Narthex Lounge, just to the left inside the main entrance)

Thursday at 6:30 am
Men’s Ministry Group (This class meets in the church lower level, large “middle” room) Now studying the Acts of the Apostles.

Friday at 8:15 am (during school year) and 11:00 am (during summer)
Mom’s Bible Boost (This class meets in the church youth room (during school year) and at Sandborn Park (during the summer).)

Trinity Lutheran Bible Study