Our History

The original church was built on the corner of 7th Avenue and 16th Street in Greeley, Colorado. This building was replaced in 1931 and was moved to a lot on 15th Street between 6th and 7th Avenue where it still stands today. The Reverand H. Wind, Pastor of Trinity Lutheran church, Cheyenne, Wyoming, is believed to have been the first pastor of our church to preach in Greeley. In 1898, he conducted services in the First Presbyterian Church which is located on the corner of 8th Avenue and 10th Street. By 1903, it was evident that a congregation could be formed in Greeley. The Reverand C. F. Brommer, who succeeded Pastor Wind in Cheyenne, continued services in Greeley, and on January 9, 1904, organized the Evangelical Lutheran Trinity Congregation of Greeley, Colorado.

Besides Pastor Brommer, eight lay members signed the constitution, namely, Fred Deuback, G. Beisheim, F. W. Schroeder, A. T. Gottbehuet, G. Cording, C. Meyers, H. Wetzig, and G. Timm. At the organizational meeting, F. Deuback, G. Beisheim, and F. W. Schroeder were elected Elders. G. Timm was elected secretary and Pastor Brommer, as was the custom in those days, served as the chairman of the congregation.

The dimensions of the first church were 36′ by 24′ and 16′ high, with a vestibule 16′ by 8′. The little church stood completed and was dedicated to the glory of God on July 3, 1904. The Reverand Walter R. Schmidt of Cheyenne, Wyoming, conducted the dedication services in both German and English.

“Lord Keep Thy protecting hands over us, and bless the labors of our hands,” was the prayer of the congregation as they built a larger church to meet their growing needs. This church still stands on the corner of 7th Avenue and 16th Street, where it was dedicated December 6, 1931. At the end of 1953 the congregation numbered 623 souls, 381 communicant members and Sunday school enrollment was 243 students. The altar and pulpit for the new church were hand made in Greeley by Gus A. Bluske, C. J. Bluske finished the altar and pulpit, staining them a dark mahogany trimmed in gold. The statue of Christ with arms uplifted, which stood on this beautiful altar, is in the sanctuary of our current church.

The ground-breaking for our church at 3000 35th Avenue was held on October 9, 1977. Nine short months later, on July 16, 1978, the completed church was dedcated to the glory of God. With the sanctuary, offices, and meeting rooms upstairs and the classrooms, fellowship hall, kitchen, and nursery downstairs, our current church is the embodiment of our mission: “We are called by God to show the love of Jesus Christ through worship, nurture, fellowship, witness, and service so that people will come to know and trust in Him as Savior and grow as His Disciples.”  In 2000 the congregation decided to remodel the chancel of our sanctuary. Space was created for both the Chancel and Bell Choirs, with a minor reconfiguration of the altar area. These efforts included a new look of the sacristy including a 10′ oak cross.

Trinity Lutheran School was begun in September 23, 1946 with 29 students. Mr. Lester Bayer was installed as the first principal and teacher of Trinity Lutheran School. In 2001, the congregation broke ground on the monumental task of building a separate building for our school. After much work and many sacrifices, the new school building was completed and opened its doors to over 100 students in March of 2003. On the first day of school 2004, student enrollment was 110.