Entrance Requirements

Preschool: We are licensed for children ages 2 ½-6, we offer classes 1-5 days per week. All children who attend preschool must be potty trained. This includes being able to attend to all bathroom needs on their own (wearing a pull-up or plastic pants is NOT considered potty trained).

Kindergarten: Five (5) by September 1st

First grade: Six (6) by September 1st

Immunization Requirement

Colorado State Law requires that each child be current on immunizations as specified on the Colorado Department of Health Certificate of Immunization, prior to the initial admittance or transfer into a school: Children entering Day Care, Preschool or Kindergarten must have proof of Hepatitis B Vaccination (three dose series over 4-6 months). Please check with your health provider for required immunizations, doses or for written evidence of laboratory test showing immunity. The Colorado Department of Health-Certificate of Immunization must be presented to TLS upon school enrollment. Exemptions from the immunization requirements will be accepted only if the reverse of the Colorado Department of Health-Certificate of Immunization has been properly executed.


Beginning around August 1, parents will stop in the school office to pick up final paperwork that needs to be completed. Shortly before school begins each fall, an evening is scheduled for collection of forms, tuition payments, locate classrooms, meet teachers, and take care of any other paperwork before school starts. The date for the orientation night is mailed to parents/guardians via postcard.

Physical Examination Requirements

All new students to Trinity along with current students entering Kindergarten and 5th Grade must submit proof of physical examination within the past year, signed by a licensed physician. Preschool students and daycare participants are also required to have a current physical on file each year.

Special Needs

Trinity Lutheran School and Preschool is not staffed or equipped to be of service to a child in need of special instruction. Therefore, we reserve the right to direct the parents and child to another agency. All who are denied enrollment may appeal to the Board of Christian Day School for review.

Trinity will review information of each student’s educational needs on an individual basis. A child study team composed of a teacher from the child’s current grade level, special education personnel available on staff, and school principal will review all the information provided with the student’s application for enrollment. The team will include prayerful guidance in making all decisions.

Decisions Regarding Acceptance of Enrollment for a child with special needs:

We will carefully consider:

  • Assessment (testing) information
  • Any Individual Educational Plan or Provisional Student Plan from a school or school system
  • Areas of need: physical, vision, hearing, speech, physical mobility, motor skills, emotional, behavioral, cognitive, academic
  • Accommodations needed
  • Modifications needed with materials or instruction
  • Service resources. Can we match with child’s needs
  • Instruction – Personnel on staff or access with school district or parent’s access to private resource
  • Materials
  • Physical environment – accommodations
  • Special therapy needs
  • Assessment – further evaluation

After careful review of the student’s strengths and needs, the child study team will decide on our ability to meet the needs of the child at our school. Our focus will consider whether we can provide the child with a successful learning experience at Trinity Lutheran School.